With our exclusive ROOF LIFE Cleaning Process, we don't use high pressure. 

Here's how it works:

Step 1: ROOF LIFE is applied 
to your roof.

Step 2: The formula kills the mold and holds it in a detergent-like solution.

Step 3: We then gently flush the dirt off your roof with water, using no high pressure.

Roof Cleaning 

We only clean your roof one time, thus our slogan, "Cleaned Once and Never Again".

Our Mold Prevention Service is one of a kind. With this service, we guarantee your roof will stay clean! We have over 2000 satisfied customers on the preventative maintenance program. 

Stain Prevention›


Some stains clean up very easily, other stains like oil, grease, tar and rust, can be more difficult to remove. There are parts of your home that can withstand high-pressure cleaning and this is the service we use on driveways, walkways, patios, pool-decks, and other surfaces generally comprised of concrete. Depending on the nature of the stain we use different formulas such as de-greasers and rust-removers to aid in this process.

Pressure Cleaning › 

"I have had Roof Life service from Appel Painting since buying my home in 2000. The original owner had Roof Life service since the home was built. My roof always looks "like new" and better than my others in my neighborhood that look black and moldy.
I get comments from neighbors on how good it looks! 

After the hurricanes of 2005, I had some roof damage, but the roofing company said they were "amazed" on how much better my roof fared compared to others. They said it was due to the aggregate on the shingles being "sealed" by the Roof Life.

I had the roof replaced that year and have continued my Roof Life Service. Now, 10 years later, my roof still looks new! Ezra and his team are prompt, friendly and efficient. You can't go wrong with Appel Painting and Roof Life!"

T.S., Jupiter, FL

"I've been a customer since some time in the nineties. Appel cleaned my old roof back then when it had gotten very black and I was very pleased with the appearance of the roof after that. When I replaced that roof in 2004 I continued to have the service even though it was a new roof. It still looks new. I would recommend this company - I have never had a problem. Also, a clean roof really makes a huge difference - nothing is more unsightly than a black moldy roof."

 Mrs. H.C., Port St. Lucie, FL



"I want to extend my sincere thanks for the excellent work your company did in cleaning the roof of my personal residence. Your efforts helped to retire the original look of the roof and no doubt caused the shingles to last longer since they are now clean and free of mildew. As a certified roofing contractor, my company has refereed you to our customers on numerous occasions and we will continue to do this. You provide an excellent service to the community."

 J. Blake Capps 
Owner, Capps and Huff Roofing Inc.