Semi-Annual Stain Prevention Service

Your roof is the single most valuable component of your home and it deserves to be protected from mold and fungus. Our Preventative Maintenance Service guarantees to do just that. Our company only cleans roofs once, after that we provide a treatment which protects them from EVER getting dirty again.

Mold prevention is key to keeping your roof beautiful. The most important fact about this program is that our formula is suspended in a bonding agent. This helps bond the aggregate which was put there by the manufacturer to protect your shingles, thus extending the life of your roof.

We come out to your home twice a year to apply a protective clear acrylic fungicide coating to your roof. We are not washing or cleaning your roof when you receive this service. Your roof will never get dirty while receiving this program.

While we can't see what's happening underneath your shingles, if we notice problems during the course of your service we will notify you about them on your ROOF REPORT. Such issues could be missing shingles after a storm, a loose ridge vent, or branches that are scraping your roof.

You can think of this service like pest-control for your roof. We prevent the mold from becoming a problem, killing it at the MICROSCOPIC STAGE before it's ever visible to you. If you are to sell your home, this service is transferable to a new owner. Having a professional company maintain your roof on a regular basis is a great selling point.


Technician applying the Preventative Maintenance Service. In this application we don't need to walk all over your roof. One raindrop hits your roof with more force than this specialized coating that protects and enhances the life of your roof.

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